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Overcoming Limits. Exceeding extremes. Breaking barriers ...

Since its inception, LM SMART COSMETICS stood out in the cosmetics market for its quality and commitment to professionals.

Proof of this is the pioneering spirit in the creation of hair cosmetics developed especially for the Brazilian consumer. Brazil being a miscegenation rich country with a tropical climate, the diversified capillary structure lacked specific products. Until then the existing brands only imported or simply reproduced products developed for the European capillary structure, which is different from the Brazilian one, considering physiological and climatic factors.

With 10 years of existence LM SMART COSMETICS grows conquering talented and demanding customers, and its main attribute is the use of technology applied to beauty.

Research, development and constant evolution are intrinsic to DNA and are hallmarks of this company of great ideas, committed to the creation of new technologies and products.

Transform lives through Outsourcing Cosmetics, providing financial, professional and social abundance to our customers, employees and society.